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Why DiGregorio

With almost thirty years of family law experience Digregorio Law has skills to guide your family during a challenging and unknown period of your life. We’ll listen with compassion to your family’s needs. We resolve conflict and help you so your family can heal.

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The DiGregorio Difference


  • Our experience:  Jennifer has practiced family law as an attorney and as a mediator for almost 31 years on the South Shore and on Cape Cod.  Our local judiciary knows her integrity and recognizes her expertise.  As a firm, we have guided clients of all social and economic backgrounds, family dynamics and health complications to a better place. Whether you're a CEO, self-employed or the family caretaker, we can help.

  • Our focus:  Mediation is our calling and passion.  We believe mediation is the best way to resolve conflict and preserve harmony for your family. 

  • Our vibe:  We strive to provide a positive, healing environment where our clients can feel empowered and heard during what can be an impossibly destructive and toxic process. We’ll generate creative options to help your family regain balance and move forward.