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Helping families through mediation


Compassion, connection and empathy define Jennifer DiGregorio and her approach to mediation. Couples facing the overwhelming burden of divorce or separation (or their aftermath) count on Jennifer to help them navigate the emotional, financial and legal complexities that arise when ending one chapter and beginning a new one.  Jennifer and her amazing team exude kindness and warmth from your first contact with our office through the finalization of your case. Our personal and professional mission is to educate you on your options in a way that’s easily understood and to help you reach the most harmonious and protective outcome for your family.


What We Do

You may be reaching out to us at one of the saddest and scariest times of your adult life. We strive to create a calm, healing place where you can shift your relationship from one of anger and disappointment to one where you instead build upon your shared family history to reach common ground.  At DiGregorio Law, we specialize in Domestic Relations with a focus on Mediation. Jennifer has extensive experience as a family law mediator and brings over thirty years of mindful lawyering to every session.

Why Mediation?

Save Time
As a mediator we focus on a compassionate, healing environment and building relationships to understand each other and resolve differences, resulting in a faster outcome.

Save Money
Avoid costly court fees for litigation and instead begin working toward a resolution now. Mediation can be a fraction of the cost of traditional divorce proceedings.  Also, at Jennifer DeGregorio Law, we can craft all the legal documents that are necessary to be filed when an agreement has been reached.

Save Stress & Worry
You and your partner, not the courts, are in charge of the outcome for your family.  A skilled mediator like Jennifer will educate and empower you to make the best decisions and encourage a positive outcome for all.

We're Here to Help

Your number one priority is the happiness, health, and security for your family, especially when your story has a different ending than the one you had planned. We are dedicated to helping families like yours forge a positive path forward. With over 31 years of experience, we know that  communication and compassion are essential to providing you with the best legal experience possible.  Jennifer's passion for the healing nature of her work ensures a fair and balanced result for your family.


Let’s connect today; we’re here to help you through this difficult time.

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